01 November 2009


Even though this advice was prompted by the familiar battle this time of year,
I would categorize it as advice for life,
every day in the cold months,
with only slightly modified vocabulary
for the warm{er} ones.
Hope everyone had a lovely Halloween.
Favorite costumes?
How about this one:
A polluted river
what our rivers will look like if we don't stop polluting them.


Ben said...

Hello Veronica... Just a quick note to say that I enjoyed chatting with you and Ashley at Simpatica Dining Hall on Sunday. Wow, imagine all of the subjects that can be discussed over eggs benedict and waffles. The more I think about it, the more I like the notion of a dessert course during breakfast! :-)

So how did the restaurant review turn out? It's been fun to check out your blog. Hope our paths cross again sometime soon....


Anonymous said...

Where's the polluted river?

V said...

the polluted river is, now i suppose, packed away in some box, in some Portland attic, and relegated to memory in some childs mind until next Halloween.

V said...

Thanks so much for dropping by, Ben! Chatting on Sunday was lovely. Something about that veritable feast was indeed seasoned just so...

Article is coming along smoothly. Perhaps we'll meet again soon. I'll be coming back for more Sunday brunch... only sticking to one course this time.

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