26 February 2009

Have You Ever

Been inspired by a textbook?
Awoken Early One Dark Morning
To words flowing in seamless sentences through the mind,
Stream of between consciousness
Turned poetic gush when pencil
Is finally placed sleepily upon paper?
Dreamt of a shiny, lacquered Wooden Bench
Blinding in its bright design of peppercorn-sized colorful shapes in patterns 
like Polish Pottery
only more wildly colorful and supposedly from Egypt
but reminiscent of Russia?
How about this. 
Heard your name {in its nick form} drift from another room 
by adored friends, responded grudgingly from a desk
softly lit in mid-night shadow,
to their call:
Look at the snow.
Shrouding Seattle. 
This Morning's Night. 

21 February 2009

a sense of place.

I only want to.
I see no problem with loosing 
It builds humbleness 
and a stronger sense
of the power
of the personal narrative.

to meander down dusty roads
in thought and in body
turning eyes to the sun
and back to the dust.

to feel the beginnings of spring
forcing its wobbly, kinetic energy 
through layers of silent winter sun 
in spindly tendrils of molecules upon bare skinned faces. 

to let the place consume the Self
then realize it, murky thick air
through which the body moves
in the rush to orient the Self whilst separated into the Other. 

{first photo via ffound.
second and third photos via Joanna Goddard, by Linn Photography.} 

09 February 2009


Loving The Gardner by The Tallest Man on Earth.

When I’m feeling under the weather. And the weather is all about a thin layer of entirely unexpected snow under bright blue skies.

Pull on an old thick sweater, brown and knobby, wrap up physically then mentally with plucky notes from a guitar somewhere is Sweden.

And feel the chills. 

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