20 February 2010


"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

-- Lewis Carrol

But keep on believing those far after the breakfasting hour ends.

Fast only to break it.
Just collecting jewels over here
Readying for another leap
And if the cliff turns out to be a valley wall
I'll take solace that the window or door
Which deceived me in the first place
Still counts as an awakening.
For it is the spirit I'm after
More so than the sedentary.
So possibility dons
with its necklace.
Of the metaphysical chain
connecting tangible or semi-tangible
distilled into one jewel,
the moment your path crosses with some others
like you've been on a crash course
or just blithely fell together
upon life's whim.
All being collected
what will eventually be strung together
or is being strung together
along the way.
.. ///..
Tie the kite strings round your fingers.

05 February 2010


Just for Fun

And for Sanity

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