30 November 2009

23 November 2009

songs for...

right about

22 November 2009


color and tissue paper and I would add cellophane.
flowers on strings.
created by Scout Holiday.


The answer is hyper-collecting. It is time to compile and sift and re-sift until something emerges that is "entirely" my own.
Sure. Why not.
The following will be moments of transition, from some log following a myriad of things and sudden insight, to, for a while at least, my inspiration board.
A prayer of sorts, a touchstone to remind myself what I'm looking to see explode in a calculated manner from my fingertips.
On vera.

01 November 2009


Even though this advice was prompted by the familiar battle this time of year,
I would categorize it as advice for life,
every day in the cold months,
with only slightly modified vocabulary
for the warm{er} ones.
Hope everyone had a lovely Halloween.
Favorite costumes?
How about this one:
A polluted river
what our rivers will look like if we don't stop polluting them.
This blog is mostly an amalgamation of images culled from interweb wanderings, falling under categories inspiration and amusement. Please contact me if you would like your work removed from my site.