23 October 2009

for the frustrated mind

"When I say beauty, I mean just the reality and openness to everything."
~Jeff Koons
"... like walking through the forest in the evening, and then the sun finally sets completely, and your relying on the light that was there to navigate through it. It's the moment when your aware of the absence of light."
~Mark Bradford
"It starts with a postcard. I put two of them together and try to connect them. It's fun to imagine what might lie just beyond the edge, but them you work yourself into a no-exit situation where you have to make up something. You might say I make settings for these found objects."
~William Wegman
"We're so used to finding anything in abstraction. If your mind wants to find something, you can find it in almost anything. It's like people finding Jesus in a slice of toast."
~Julian Lethbridge
Can you guess what all these words are speaking to? Now, as the sun finally steals through the thin, crimson leaves during the last few moments of an afternoon like any other? But it saves, somehow, the sun. It saves and it draws a person out of a multi-walled house, out of a multi-dimensional mind rife with frustration and words coming from every which way.
They all apply to a theme present in the everyday, the mundane and the extraordinary. They
apply to something that might or might not necessitate the human consciousness.
The answer might be found in November's Vogue, as well as the accompanying tableaus.
But perhaps it is more fun not to look, not to go looking.
Rather to just feel it for yourself and make it be what it needs to be
for you
in this moment
before the sun draws you back out
or in

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