26 September 2009

thoughts from footsteps retraced


Find something to live for.

Abandon yourself to it.

I hope a part of that something, is yourself.

Learn how to abandon. Learn how to live with abandon. Learn the boundaries of abandon. Test your own boundaries of abandon.

Walk. Run. Cycle. Do this until you reach a spot you once occupied on a geographical map. Then take out the psychological one. Remember. Feel it, the space, the moods. See it, from the height you were then, from the curtain of thoughts through which you peered at that point in time. Get closer. Look inside through the windows that haven't been replaced. Note the paint, always the same color.

Recognize the similarities and examine the differences. There are so many kinds of trees, houses, books, humans, animals... Yet we are all doing the same thing, by different methods. We are being. We are being for others. We are being for what we are, for the Self.

Don't try too hard. Have nothing to do with the overwrought. Yet there is no room for complacency, either. Integrate yourself into the space around you. The place you occupy is the one deserving of your attention. Look ahead, but hold the moment's hand.


Naomi knows how to live with abandon. Precise abandon. Her art--books, watercolors, installations--is an ongoing shrine to the larger aspect, contained and extracted from her mind and body.


I want to ask this question to everyone:

What do you do when you need to look up? That is, what is your go-to, sure fire, way to combat the despondency and doldrums?


Jane said...

I find that a true-blue way to combat those doldrums is to pour yourself a glass a wine, turn on George Harrison, and shake your way into the kitchen in your underpants to make something yummy and preferably chocolatey.

V said...

yes. Jane I could not agree more. It probably helps to wear underpants that are worth shaking, too. So perhaps, buy some new underpants (and in my case a solid George Harrison record... I know. I need to get on the latter), before shakin' it into the kitchen.

Arabella Street said...

to shake the blues,
i try to read writing like this,
try to feel something bigger than just me.

more often than not the 'curtain of my thoughts' casts too much shadow over the reality of the scene

but i get the feeling there's more good out there when i read words like yours

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