05 November 2008

was election day.
so I wrote in blue to bolster my hopes for one Barack Obama.

the air felt like approaching holidays,
like Thanksgiving and warm foods and such.

it was a new day after a night of uncomfortable dreaming.

i drove to Macrina before breakfast and picked up whole wheat cider bread, rustic potato bread and a turkey-shaped brown sugar cookie decorated with orange and brown frosting from a girl in opaque yellow tights. the warm bakery was abuzz with excitement not only at the soon-to-be-eaten pastry but for the soon-to-be-decided election.

i only wanted to revel in the November chill and light.

i hoped our country would move in the right direction.

i hoped Americans would make the right decision.

i hoped.
and we did. 


Joanna Goddard said...

great poster. xo

Joanna Goddard said...

oh, also, congrats! you won the giveaway on my blog with the rad german puzzles! email me with your address and we'll send them right out: joanna_goddard (at) yahoo.com xoxo

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