23 June 2008

The Other Jones

A famous line if there ever was one, taken from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

“Not that Jones, the other Jones!”

Exactly. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is “not those films but this film” (thanks to a certain theatre attendant for pointing it out so simply).

After hearing so much negative word of mouth, it was becoming hard to keep my mind above the din of heavy critique. I hoped the new film wouldn’t be like the old ones; what a sad attempt of a sequel that would be. Instead, the film portrayed age, youth, death and the appropriate era (the 50’s in all of its paranoid and kitschy exuberance), without losing the ruddy quality that pervades the Indiana Jones image. It was thankfully appropriate. And just when I felt the “oh no, here they go” welling up, ready to explode in a silent theatre-appropriate sigh; as Indy’s hat came dangerously close to functioning as the proverbial passing-of-the-torch to his son, the opposite happened...

No, there will never be another Indiana Jones, just as there will never be another Harrison Ford.

Images from http://www.theraider.net/

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